Bravado clothing manufacturer reveals plans to create more women-owned clothing brand

Bravado Clothing Co., which sells T-shirts and other apparel in the U.S., has revealed plans to launch more than 100 new women-focused clothing brands over the next few years.

The company, which has been working with women to create clothing for their lives for more than a decade, announced the first women-only apparel brand in its history, The Bravado Brand, in an investor presentation on Thursday.

The brand, which will be officially launched at the company’s next investor conference, is being developed with the help of the Center for Workforce Diversity at the University of Maryland, according to the company.

The company has launched women-specific apparel brands including the T-shirt, swimwear and men’s clothing, among others.

Bravado CEO Amy Dallman told investors that the company would be launching more women’s clothing brands than it did in 2015.

“We believe this new expansion will be a boon for our women-powered business,” Dallmann said in the company statement.

The women-centered apparel brands are being created by women in the fashion industry and will target a broader audience, including women of color, the company said.

Dallman said the new companies will focus on a “multidisciplinary approach” to developing the brands, while the company will also focus on “marketing the products through our social media channels and online channels.”

“We’re not looking to just do the women’s brands,” she added.

“I’m also very much looking to bring in a lot of diversity, especially in our marketing, so that we’re bringing in more women, too.”

Dallmann has worked as an executive with the apparel company since 2008, when she joined as vice president of global brand development.

The brand was sold to the Gap in 2014, and it’s since moved to other retailers including J. Crew and Target.

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