How to avoid a high rate of fraud at Rubber Vans

AUSTIN – AUSTin, Texas – If you’ve ever wondered how to spot a scammer, the answer might be “just don’t buy anything”.

But a new scam called Rubber Van Clothing is targeting young women, especially in the Austin area, as the company tries to compete with fashion brands and others that have embraced the technology.

Randy Osterberg is the vice president of marketing for Rubber Vamp.

He has worked with the company for years and says it has been doing well.

He said he has noticed an increase in the number of girls coming in to the shop, some with fake IDs, and some with legitimate credentials.

Some of those IDs are fake.

Some are fake for people who have fake IDs.

But it’s really about a scam.

He believes it’s a ploy to sell products, and to make the salespeople believe that they have genuine credentials.

The Rubber Vants are trying to get the young women to buy more merchandise.

Osterburg says they’re trying to make them feel like they are worth more.

Rolando Rodriguez was one of those young women who bought a pair of rubber gloves for his wife.

He told KVUE News he was just curious about the brand, and how much they would be worth, so he bought a couple of pairs.

But when he got home, he saw a note saying the gloves were fake.

He called the Rubber Vanners store to see if they were the real thing.

They said they weren’t, and that he had to pay more money for the same product.

Rodriguez called the company again and said he’d received a letter.

It said the gloves would be delivered the next day, but the receipt showed the receipt was fake.

Rodriquez called back and spoke with a Rubber Vant employee.

The employee said it was all a hoax.

Rodrickson didn’t know where he got the gloves from.

He was frustrated and said it made him think twice about buying rubber gloves.

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