Why do so many bicycle manufacturers in Europe still produce cheap clothes?

The bicycle industry is a major contributor to the EU’s annual economic growth, which is set to reach 1.1% this year, but the trend is becoming more and more apparent as the continent struggles to deal with climate change.

In Germany, for example, the bicycle industry employs more than 10,000 people, but in some other countries it is not as big.

A new study by the German think tank, the Fraunhofer Institute for Economic Research (IBER), finds that the industry employs around 200,000 workers in France, around 200 in Spain, about 700 in Italy and a further 5,000 in Italy.

The figure is only a fraction of the EU average, with the number of bike manufacturers in the EU reaching around 20,000.

In the UK, the industry accounts for about 6,000 jobs, but it is a small fraction of its global workforce.

In the US, where the bicycle is a big part of everyday life, the figure is a little more than 7,000, and in Australia, it is about 3,000 per head.

The research found that the bicycle’s low cost has a positive impact on the EU economy, and that it contributes to an overall boost in the economy.

“The bicycle is not just a product, but a part of the fabric of Europe,” said Julia Hofer, IBER’s chief economist.

“Its low cost also helps to support economic growth and contributes to the global economy,” she added.

While the bicycle may have been designed by the Greeks or the Romans, it’s also one of the most accessible products in Europe.

The European Union has a bicycle industry that is worth €60bn a year.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in the bicycle as an investment vehicle,” said Hofer.

“Many countries are making investments in bicycle infrastructure.

In addition to the transport sector, bicycle manufacturers are now investing in cycling facilities and equipment.”

The research also found that in France there is a strong connection between the bicycle and social mobility.

The survey of 1,000 companies in 26 countries, including the European Commission, found that 80% of companies surveyed believed bicycles are good for social mobility, with a strong correlation between the quality of the bicycle in a country and the level of social mobility in that country.

“There is a correlation between high quality bicycle design and high social mobility,” said the study’s lead author, Dr Thomas Bischoff.

“But it is also important to remember that the link is not absolute, because the quality also depends on how the quality is communicated,” he added.

The study found that countries with high levels of social and economic mobility tend to have high bicycle manufacturing capacity.

For example, a country that has a high proportion of citizens with low levels of literacy and low levels

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