Why we need more women to become fashion designers

This article is part of HuffPost India’s special report series, “Women and the Future of Fashion Design.”

Read moreRead this articleMore than half of all women in India are under 30 and in a country where women make up just one-fourth of the workforce, many of the industry leaders who started this wave of fashion design are still working their way up.

Women make up almost three-quarters of the fashion designers in India.

Some are making their mark by creating original designs that have not been made before.

Others are just working in a similar fashion.

But while women are still relatively underrepresented in the industry, there are some trends that are turning the tables on the traditional roles of men and women.

In fact, the trend has been gaining momentum for a long time.

The first trend is the “trendy woman,” who started to see more and more visibility in the fashion world.

For a long while, women’s clothing was dominated by men who wore suits and ties.

Then in the early 2000s, a female fashion designer named Anupam Bajaj came up with the idea of a skirt and a blouse, both traditionally masculine outfits.

She introduced them to the fashion press and the public.

This inspired a new trend: women who wear jeans and t-shirts instead of suits and collars, and in many cases, dress casually.

They started wearing skirts and dresses.

And they also started to make some of the most eye-catching clothes in fashion, such as the dresses that were designed for the wedding party.

For years, women in the garment industry were left to work at home with little to no access to a wardrobe.

But when Bajab launched the trend, women who were in the workforce were able to make their own clothes.

The trend is now going mainstream.

And it has helped make the industry more diverse.

It’s also made women more aware of their roles.

There are women who work in the sewing and embroidery industries and there are women working in the construction and textile industries.

There is a need for more women in these industries, especially as the industry continues to grow.

This trend is also changing the mindset of many women.

For example, some women are beginning to work more like men in terms of gender roles and responsibilities.

For instance, many women prefer to work with partners who can help with their sewing and sewing projects.

This means that they can also have a greater say in the design process.

There also are many women who prefer to wear skirts and make their fashion decisions in the evenings rather than at the office.

This is also one of the main reasons why some women don’t feel comfortable taking part in fashion shows anymore.

Women are not allowed to attend fashion shows, so they often leave when they have the opportunity.

It has also been one of its biggest criticisms.

For some women, it feels like a chore to dress in the evening, and not a fun time to be part of the world of fashion.

The more they feel comfortable in their work, the more they want to join in the fun.

It has been said that fashion shows are the ultimate form of entertainment.

And this is true, but women are not the only ones who have been captivated by this new trend.

For women who are not working at home, this new fashion trend is a perfect way to get out of their day and be part in something that is changing the way they live their lives.

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