What we know about the coronavirus outbreak in Egypt

The coronaviruses that have devastated the Middle East and Africa have struck Egypt.

In the past week alone, more than 100 people have died in the country.

And while the outbreak in the Sinai Peninsula has been under control, fears are growing in the capital, Cairo.

The Egyptian Health Ministry says more than half of the people who have been hospitalized in the past four days have been exposed to the virus.

It says a new coronaviral strain has been identified.

But the number of confirmed cases in the entire country is still unknown.

The first signs of a major outbreak have been in Cairo, with the death toll rising steadily over the past few days.

“The whole country is on high alert.

We’re in a big emergency situation.

We need a strong response, a quick and swift response to ensure the people do not fall into a trap,” said Hala Abdel Ghaffar, a senior lecturer at Cairo University of Medical Sciences.

“This is a serious situation.

It’s really not a matter of days.”

The Egyptian government has declared a state of emergency in Cairo and is urging people to stay home and not travel.

On Monday, Prime Minister Ibrahim Amr told reporters that the number was at least 50,000 people, and that the situation was “not as severe as previously reported.”

The state of alert is not a new declaration, but it’s been in place since October, and has been used by the government to reassure people that they’re safe.

The state has been expanded several times, and last month, the government lifted the requirement to wear face coverings in public, but that hasn’t stopped people from wearing masks or wearing them to work or school.

Egyptian Health Minister Mohammed El-Naggar said on Monday that the outbreak was “the most severe” the government has seen since the 2009 Arab Spring uprisings.

“We need to make sure that everyone is alert, that everyone’s well,” he said.

“Everyone has to take precautions.”

Egypt is home to some of the world’s poorest countries.

The World Health Organization says that at least one-third of Egyptian citizens live in extreme poverty.

Many Egyptians are living in overcrowded conditions in overcrowding hotels, in makeshift camps, or on the streets.

“It’s not only about the health of the country, but also about the people’s health,” said Abdel Hameed, who teaches public health at the University of Cairo.

“If there’s a lot of people, the health is compromised.

The health of our people is also compromised.”

The new coronovirus strain is not linked to any known virus, but Abdel Hama said that it is highly contagious and could be passed between people.

“So you have people who are sharing it with others, but not the people they are infected with, but the people close to them,” he explained.

The Ministry of Health says it is sending letters to residents in a number of cities, urging them to avoid public gatherings and to stay indoors.

“All of us have to keep in mind that we’re in an emergency situation, so it is important to protect ourselves and our families,” said El-Moussa, the deputy director of the ministry.

“You can’t have a holiday if you’re not protected.

The virus is not like other viruses.

It doesn’t spread from person to person.

It can be spread through contact.”

While the outbreak is causing concern in the West, the virus is also making a comeback in Africa.

Egypt has had an ongoing outbreak of the virus since last year.

The country’s Ministry of Public Health said that in a report released last month it had discovered another strain of the coronoviral that was similar to the current one.

That strain, known as ZIKV-1, has not been detected in any population outside of Egypt.

The outbreak in West Africa is expected to continue until the end of the month, with at least 10 deaths.

Experts are worried that it will spread to the rest of the continent.

The United Nations estimates that at present there are 2.3 million people in West African countries who have contracted the virus, which has infected about 10 million people.

In West Africa, the epidemic is particularly severe, and in recent weeks it has caused widespread transmission of the new coronivirus in parts of Guinea and Liberia.

The number of infections has been steadily increasing.

It began in Guinea and has spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Bissau.

In Liberia, at least 1,811 people have contracted it, according to the latest WHO figures.

“There is a high degree of concern,” Dr. Abdoul-Fattah Abdel-Salam, director of infectious diseases at the World Health Organisation, said in a statement.

“That is why the WHO is mobilizing to help our partners in West and Central Africa to deal with this pandemic.”

He said the organization was mobilizing resources to help fight

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