Why women’s clothing is so expensive

By Jessica Blau article While the fashion industry has largely focused on men’s apparel, a new survey reveals that women’s apparel is a far more expensive purchase for some companies.

According to the National Review’s Jessica Blaue, women’s cloth manufacturers are “in the black” when it comes to the costs of clothing.

Blau reports that in the first three months of the year, she found that there were $4.2 billion in net sales for women’s fashion apparel, compared to $3.7 billion for men’s.

While women’s and men’s clothing are both highly sought-after and highly coveted, women have been “in a very tough spot,” Blau writes.

“Men’s clothing was so much cheaper, and women’s had been so much better, and so much more affordable, so many of them had gone back to men’s.”

Blau explains that “men’s clothing has a lot of prestige, and they’re used as a symbol of masculinity, and it’s used to say that this is the way things were.”

For women, however, she writes, “the value proposition is, ‘We’re going to do this for you, because we care about you.'”

For Blau, the survey found that the majority of women in her survey were not aware that they paid $10 or more for clothes online.

Blau points out that this discrepancy is likely due to the fact that “women are less likely to buy online,” which makes them more “invisible” to retailers.

Women are also less likely than men to spend more on the basics like a dress, shoes, and accessories.

In Blau’s survey, the vast majority of people did not know that they pay $30 for a pair of jeans.

Blaue believes that this could have a significant effect on women’s purchasing choices.

“If you’re paying $30 and you’re not getting any sort of product at the store, then that’s not going to be a great indicator of whether or not you’re going back to the store,” she explains.

“You might not want to go back to a store if it’s too expensive.”

Blaau adds that it is possible that women are “doing this to protect themselves from men, from being seen as ‘sluts’ or ‘prostitutes,'” but the reality is that women do not seem to be interested in buying online because they are not “seen as a real value.”

“They’re just looking for the comfort that’s in their lives, and for that, they’re going with men,” Blaude says.

“Women, as a group, are not going back.”

Blacue says that it’s not uncommon for women to buy items online because it feels more “comfortable” than buying the product in person.

“When you walk in and you walk out of a store, you’re looking at the women’s clothes and you can see the prices, and the men’s clothes are the same, and you know what the price is,” Blae says.

Blauer explains that this problem could be exacerbated if women are unable to see the difference between men’s and women and vice versa.

“They’re more likely to say, ‘Well, I’m not really into that because I don’t know what I’m going to buy.

So I’m just going to go online,’ and they’ll spend less money than men, and that can lead to a lot more confusion.”

Blauer points out how the “toxic masculinity” is exacerbated by “the fact that women, as women, are being devalued.”

According to Blau: “They’ve lost the trust of the men who used to be the ones who cared about them, the ones that they trusted to help them.”

Blae says that women may be reluctant to give their names to brands and retailers because they don’t want to be perceived as being less than.

“I’ve actually heard women say, to me, ‘You know what?

I’m fine with being looked at like I’m some weirdo who’s going to wear men’s shirts all day, and all night,’ ” she says.

Blae adds that women might also feel more comfortable buying online, but that this “might not be because they’re comfortable in their skin.”

Blue notes that while there are more men’s brands on the market, women are not as represented in them.

“It’s like they’re doing this to preserve their masculinity, to be able to protect their masculinity from men,” she says, but “it’s not really.”

Bliaue says there are “a lot of women out there who are doing this, but they’re not really being visible because they think they’re invisible, and I think that’s a problem.”

Blaaue explains that it may be important to remember that “the women’s business is so important.”

“I know for me, I’ve had more success selling online than I

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