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The new season of Doctor Who, which opens on Sunday, is about to get a lot more fun.

The series is already bringing back some old favourites, like a return to the old BBC One series and a new batch of characters, with new faces including Matt Smith, John Barrowman and Sophie Aldred.

But the Doctor has had his own adventures too, with the show’s first season ending with a bang.

And this week, the BBC has announced a number of brand new merchandise for the season.

The Doctor’s wardrobe is not the only new look coming into the show.

And for fans who are keen to try on new clothing, it’s also possible to order a brand new pair of TARDIS shoes.

And if you’re a fan of the series, it’ll also be the first time you can buy a new t-shirt.

“We’ve been very lucky to be able to bring a number new costumes to life with the Doctor Who costume, the TARDIS costume and the Tardis costume,” said BBC Worldwide head of TV, TV Licensing and Digital Entertainment, Nick Briggs.

“It’s a fantastic collection of characters from the show and a great place to start for fans of the show, including a brand-new look for Matt Smith.”

There’s also a brand spanking new TARDIS hat, with a Doctor Who theme.

It all starts with a new look for the new season.

Doctor Who season 3 is on BBC One from Friday 13 April.

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