How to Buy Trump’s Clothing Made in Germany

A few days after the president took office, German fashion designer Claudia Hallett released a new line of “Made in America” clothing.

She is the first American designer to release clothing in the country.

Her clothing line features colorful fabric pieces with the phrase “Made by America” printed on them, and the garments are designed to be durable, washable, and comfortable.

The line was inspired by Hallet’s love of American-made garments.

The clothing is available in two colors: a dark blue with gold accents and a lighter green.

Hallets original colors are purple and blue, which is now being replaced by lighter green and gold.

Hasett told Business Insider the line is part of a larger campaign called “Made to Last.”

Halletti says she wanted to create a line that is both feminine and timeless.

“We are trying to show people what it means to be American, how it feels to be proud of that, and how to be a part of the American spirit,” Halletta told Business Insiders.

“I love that it’s a statement about the fact that we are all Americans.”

Holesltt has worked in fashion since 1996, working with the likes of Calvin Klein and Gucci.

Her line of clothing, which includes a range of dresses and skirts, was inspired to highlight her love of the United States, Halletto said.

The brand is now available in more than 20 countries, including Germany.

“It’s not just the American flag,” Hasetti told BusinessInsiders.

We are all American, she added.

Holeslett said she feels it’s important to support businesses that are doing well and have the opportunity to grow and thrive in a changing world.

“This is our chance to be able to help these businesses and make a statement and make this country even better,” Holeslit said.

Hilett said she’s thrilled to be part of an American brand with strong values, but she thinks the clothing line is important for Americans to get an idea of what the brand is about.

“In this era, you are seeing brands come out of nowhere,” Holett said.

“The United States is a great place to work and I think the brand has been able to really build a community.”

Haselett said the clothing lines that she has worked on have been “very supportive and really great,” but she believes it’s not enough to be an American company. “

They are all connected to this country and they’re all about this country.”

Haselett said the clothing lines that she has worked on have been “very supportive and really great,” but she believes it’s not enough to be an American company.

“There are things that I would like to do more of, but I just don’t feel I have the time right now to do that, she said.

Business Insider reached out to Trump’s clothing company and Halleti for comment, but they did not respond to request for comment by the time of publication.

As much as I want to support American businesses, this is the best place to do it,” Halset said, adding that she is “excited to help other companies grow.”

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