How to avoid getting hit by a car

Posted June 06, 2018 11:00:17 In Indonesia, you may be more likely to be struck by a bus or a car if you’re wearing a jacket, a hoodie or a sweatshirt.

Clothing manufacturers in the country have been using these garments to protect against the heat waves that are hitting the country.

“In this climate, you have to wear jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts,” says Siti Fijat, the general manager of Fijatu.

“So the jackets can be very useful because you can be sure of being protected from the heat.”

Siti has been using the garments since the early 1990s and she says they’re still very popular among Indonesian women.

“The jackets are very comfortable and warm,” she says.

“They keep you warm, but it also keeps you cool.”

A lot of people think of jackets as very lightweight, but they are actually quite heavy, so you need to be careful wearing them.

So they can be useful in cases when you’re going to be wearing a lot of clothes.

Fijats also recommends that women buy an outer garment such as a sweater or t-shirt when wearing a hoodies.

Figs in a hoody are very warm, so if you want to wear a hoodier, then you should buy a sweater.

If you have a hood or sweater on you, it’s more important to wear one on top of a hood, because it makes the hood look more natural.

Fidsin Hadi, the manager of Siyasi Clothing, says that it’s very important to use heatproof clothing when travelling outside.

“If you are going to a place that is very hot, wearing a heatproof jacket or sweatshirt will keep you cool,” he says.

Hadi also recommends buying heatproof pants or jackets when travelling in the heat, because the fabric absorbs heat better than the clothing.

“You don’t want to have to use your jacket for everything,” he adds.

“But if you have something that is comfortable, it will make you feel better when you are wearing it.”

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