When it comes to buying clothes, it’s all about the quality

Glasgow, Scotland (CNN) When you look at the clothes you buy, you might expect them to be the stuff of luxury, but that’s not always the case.

Many items are made from raw materials like bamboo, which are also sourced from India. 

A company called Dhaka Clothing manufactures clothes in the UK.

It’s made in the same factory where it was founded in 1884. 

When Dhaka was founded, it made clothes from bamboo, but it also made clothes for other nations. 

Dhaka Clothing also makes clothing for Bangladesh.

They’re in the process of making clothes for Bangladesh, which means Bangladesh’s economy is growing. 

The company says the factories they use in India are more efficient, so they can produce more clothes.

But some critics have criticized Dhaka’s production methods. 

“They have to make so much cotton, so many different colours and so many types of fibres, that it’s difficult to produce anything at all,” Dhaka Fashion founder Dharmendra Gupta told CNN.

Gupta said that Dhaka needs to invest in more factories to keep up with demand.

“We’ve got about 30,000 workers and it’s very difficult to get them to go out and work, and then we need them to produce a certain number of products a day,” Gupta said. 

In order to keep the factories running, Dhaka has set up a new company called Vipa.

The company is making clothes in India and Bangladesh and they are selling the goods online. 

Vipa says they are in the middle of production.

But the company says they can’t keep up production. 

This article originally appeared on CNN.com

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