New York’s new designer clothing makers to be unveiled in New York City

Posted March 11, 2019 06:05:16The first batch of designer clothing, to be produced in New Jersey, will be sold at a New York fashion show on April 8, according to a report.

The designers will unveil the new line of designer clothes at a fashion show in New Rochelle, New York, in April.

The first of three fashion shows will take place on April 15 and 16.

The first of those events will be held at the Museum of Modern Art in New Yorker City.

The New York Times reported that the New York designers will work with some of the fashion houses that make their clothes in New England, but the designers won’t be able to make their own clothes.

The report said that the designers will produce a range of clothing, ranging from dresses to suits, while the New Jersey designers will focus on a more “creative” and “artistic” look.

“It’s going to be a very bold thing to try and create the first American designer clothing brand,” said John C. McNamara, who is running the company that will produce the clothing.

“It’s definitely not going to look like something that you’ve seen before.”

The Times said the designers are hoping to raise $5 million to build out their business, and they are also looking for the right people to join the venture.

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