How Trump can help garment workers and garment workers alone

Trump will soon have the power to make the U.S. textile industry less expensive.

It has long been a major pillar of his campaign.

But his administration is poised to reverse decades of progress made in the field.

The administration’s announcement on Friday will be seen as a victory for the textile industry, which has been struggling for decades to make its product more affordable.

And it could be a major victory for workers who rely on the apparel industry for their livelihoods.

The U.K.-based company of the same name, whose brands include Levi’s and J. Crew, says its production costs are expected to fall by as much as 30 percent by 2025.

The move could have broad implications for workers across the apparel sector, including for garment workers in the U, Australia and Europe, the company said in a statement.

In the U-S., there are two major textile manufacturers.

One is a conglomerate called Aritzia, which owns J.

Crew, H&M and Vans, among others.

The other is L.L. Bean, which is owned by American Apparel.

Trump, in his inaugural address in January, said that the textile sector, the largest employer in the country, was being “exploited by unscrupulous foreign companies who seek to undercut our nation’s workers.”

He called on Congress to make it easier for textile workers to unionize.

Aritza, which makes about 1.7 million garments a year, is the biggest U.N. aid recipient in the world.

It also has a $25 billion textile manufacturing plant in Bangladesh that employs some 1,200 people.

That plant produces the majority of the world’s clothing for U.B.C. universities.

The company said the move would help bring more jobs to the U., which has about 30 percent of the global textile market.

The new rules also require more transparency from textile companies, including how much workers earn, the size of their paychecks and how many jobs they’re able to find.

“We know that the United States textile sector will be one of the most competitive and productive in the developed world,” said Joachim Meisner, CEO of the American Applesofts textile company.

“The American Appelsofts strategy will continue to benefit our customers and our employees and will be a key driver of the continued growth of the U.”

The new regulation, if implemented, will also have a significant impact on the textile business.

“There’s a lot of confusion in the textile community,” Meisner said.

We will continue our success in the United states and around the world.” “

Aritzia is one of our most profitable companies, and it’s been the U’s largest employer for decades.

We will continue our success in the United states and around the world.”

While the U does have some of the best-paying workers in Europe, apparel manufacturing is a highly regulated sector.

Companies can only operate in certain regions of the globe.

For example, the U has no regulations on garment-makers in China, where the company employs about 5,000 workers.

In fact, there’s not even a single international standard for garment production.

That makes it difficult to find factories in other countries that can produce garments in an affordable fashion.

For Aritzi, the move will help bring even more jobs back to the country.

“This will mean more U.s. jobs for textile manufacturers, especially in the manufacturing sector,” Meisch said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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