Which companies have been making the most customised clothes in the last five years?

The Irish Mail on Sunday has discovered that customised garments have become more common in recent years, as manufacturers have become increasingly creative with their design.

The Mail on Saturday revealed that a new customised line of clothes is making its debut this week.

It was revealed that the new line will be launched by clothing company H&M.

It is not the first time a new line of H&Ms has launched a line of customised suits.

In September last year, H&M launched a new range of suits for the first-time customer.

A spokesperson from the company said: “Customised suits are our specialty.

We make them for our customers for a variety of reasons, but we also make them to celebrate the unique personality of our customers.

We do this with an amazing amount of love and effort.

We are so happy to be able to bring this new line to our loyal customers.”

Customised fashionThe new line includes the following items:•H&amp:M Custom Suit Jacket•Hormone &amp:Glamour Suit Jacket*•Hamp’s Glamour Collection Jacket•Fashion Designer Suit Jacket with Sleeveless Shorts•H &amp’s Custom Suit Suit Jacket and Custom Suit Pants*•Teddy Boy Suit Jacket for men with the ‘H&M’ logo on the jacket*•Glamorise Suit Jacket Jacket with Glamorised Pockets•G&amp’s Classic Suit Jacket (for men)*•G &amp Custom Suit with Lace Patterned Top and Lace-Up Belt for women*The new customisable range will be available in sizes ranging from 6 to 12.

Each of the new suits will be customised by the designer to reflect the personality of the customer.

For example, the designer could choose to have the suit tailored to fit a particular person’s body type.

H&amps is currently a major player in the fashion industry and has made customisation its trademark.

In 2012, the company introduced a new, customisable line of suits to the UK.

However, it also made some moves towards creating a more casual range of products.

In January this year, it unveiled its latest line of clothing, a range of trousers.

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