When you buy from a Chinese supplier, you’re paying for a Chinese company

Posted by MTV News on Wednesday, December 17, 2018 12:06:00The clothes made by Chinese manufacturers at Outsource Fashion Group are made in factories that are not owned by Taiwanese companies, but by a subsidiary of a Taiwanese firm.

Outsource’s apparel division is one of a number of apparel businesses owned by a Chinese firm that is now under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The investigation is part of a broader probe by the SEC that has also looked at whether the Taiwanese companies are using their factories to make counterfeit goods.

“The Chinese companies are taking advantage of the fact that Taiwan is an ally and that there is a long history of cooperation between Taiwan and China,” said Steven Yang, senior counsel at the Chinese American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

“There is a very good and clear understanding that they will be allowed to operate under the Taiwanese flag,” Yang added.

The SEC has opened a probe into the issue, which is being conducted by the agency’s Phoenix Division, in coordination with the FBI.

The agency is also looking into the alleged Chinese government involvement in the fashion business.

The case involves a supplier that is owned by China’s largest clothing manufacturer, TAIWAN, and the clothing made by a Taiwanese clothing manufacturer that is also owned by the same company.

The company is one part of the Taiwan International Group, which includes other Taiwanese companies.

In a statement to MTV News, a TAIXIN apparel company said it was unaware of the investigation and did not have any comment at this time.

A spokesperson for Taiwan’s National Trade Commission said the company was aware of the SEC’s investigation and had not seen the news reports.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Commerce has said it is not aware of any investigation into the matter, but it has been notified about the allegations by the U.S. Securities and Public Market Corp.

The TAIXTAN apparel company is listed as one of the most valuable Chinese apparel companies in the U, according to a Reuters report published on Thursday.

It’s unclear whether the allegations will be investigated by the company or if the investigation will be handled by the Chinese government.

Outsource is not a registered trademark for the Taipei city.

The clothing is sold online and at specialty stores across the country.

Taipei has become the top supplier of apparel to the United States and its trading partners, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, China, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

In December, the U-S.

State Department reported a rise in counterfeit Chinese apparel and accessories from China, including counterfeit fashion designer clothing and counterfeit footwear.

The department also noted a spike in counterfeit U.K. apparel.

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