Adidas to launch ‘peruvian’ clothing in 2018

Adidas is set to launch a range of “peruvian” fashion accessories in 2018.

The company is aiming to provide “permanent footwear” for its athletes and has set up a specialised footwear laboratory in Peru.

Adidas will be the first major international brand to make footwear available in the country, according to a statement from Adidas’s chief executive officer, Johan Bruyneel.

It is the first time that Adidas will offer footwear in Peru, the company said.

Adidas footwear will be available in limited numbers to athletes and retailers through Adidas Originals, which will provide footwear for athletes as well as retailers.

Adidas Origins said the footwear will “provide athletes with the best footwear available for their unique needs”.

The footwear will feature “thick, durable, comfortable, flexible and flexible yet lightweight” designs, according the statement.

“The footwear will allow athletes to keep their feet warm, protect them from cold, protect against rain and snow and protect their feet against the impact of falls and falls of rocks.”

Adidas Origints shoes will be made in Peru by a partner company, the Brazilian company Cascade, the statement said.

“We will be offering our Brazilian partners Cascades, which is one of the most renowned suppliers in Peru,” Adidas said.

The footwear is expected to be available for purchase by Adidas Origines athletes and “other” retailers, the brand said.

In February, Adidas said it would start making footwear in the South American country of Argentina.

The global sports footwear giant has struggled in recent years to get footwear to the market in Latin America.

Adidas also struggled to gain traction in the region as it struggles to gain a foothold in China, India and the Middle East.

In August, Adidas’ sales in the Latin America region were down 5.4 per cent to $2.3bn, according a statement by Adidas.

Adidas has been struggling in the US for years, having been struggling to win consumers over to its brands.

The US footwear giant, with a market value of $6.7bn, has struggled to turn a profit in the past five years, despite a massive investment in marketing.

Adidas’s US sales have also fallen as a result of the company’s strategy to diversify its business and the growing popularity of the US basketball team, which was bought by Nike in 2016 for $7bn.

Adidas, which has about $4.5bn in cash and debt, said last year that it would focus on developing its brand in Latin American countries.

Adidas had a loss of $1.2bn for the year to the end of June, down from $2bn in the same period a year earlier.

Adidas was bought for $8.5 billion by Japanese sports group SoftBank in 2017.

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