When we got married: The wedding dress designer who gave us the bandung look

The dress designer at the center of a long-running controversy has finally been revealed, thanks to a new book by a former fashion editor who claims to have been the first person to take on the designer.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” said Michael Pyle, who was an editor for the fashion magazine, Vogue.

He added that he believes that his book, “The Bandung Wedding Dress: The Story of How We Got to the Beginning of a Tradition,” could “change the way people dress.”

The author of the book, which was released Tuesday, has been using her own story as the basis for a new memoir.

Pyle says that she started to write the book in 2008, when she was working at a local clothing store.

She began to hear stories about designer outfits from customers who came in to buy a wedding dress.

The customer was so upset by the way the dress was being made that she contacted Pyle to see if he could help.

“I was trying to sell the dress to a girl in the neighborhood, and she said, ‘I just want to buy it, but I just don’t want it to look like a wedding gown,'” Pyle told ABC News.

Pyle says she contacted a local fashion designer named Sarah Pyle.

He suggested that the dress should be altered.

Pile asked Pyle if she would be interested in taking on the project.

She agreed, and on Feb. 10, 2008, she wrote a letter to the editor for Vogue that was sent to more than 100 magazines, newspapers and websites, asking for permission to change the design of the wedding dress to fit the bride’s style.

The letter, titled “The Wedding Dress for the New Era,” says the dress, which is made in the traditional fashion of the region, was designed by Sarah Pymble, a designer who is also known for her bandung designs.

Pyles was inspired to take the project on after a woman approached her about her own wedding dress and was disappointed to learn that the designers had altered it to match the bride.

“She said, I can’t believe you guys changed it,” Pyle said.

But she said she believed the alterations were done in a good faith effort to accommodate the bride and the guests.

Pyls wedding dress was designed for the bride by the designer, and the dress is modeled after Pyle’s style, according to the book.

Pyle and the bride are pictured at the wedding.

Pyles claims that Pyle and Sarah Pyls dress was never altered in any way.

The bride is shown in a wedding video.

Plys book, called “The Journey to the Wedding,” was written by Sarah C. Pymple.

She has not been identified.

The wedding dress is a staple of the bride-to-be’s style at the time of her nuptials.

Pyl’s style has been seen throughout the West, from the Philippines to China to New York City.

“This dress is her signature, and it has been her signature since she was a little girl,” Pymples daughter, Trish Pyle wrote in an email.

“It’s her signature because it is the first time she wears it.”

Sarah Pyle has never responded to ABC News’ requests for comment.

The book is available for preorder on Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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