Japan unveils new clothing manufacturer – The Independent

TAIWAN (Reuters) – Japan’s new clothing and footwear manufacturing giant is unveiling a new brand on Thursday, a sign that the country is seeking to diversify and become more appealing to overseas customers.

The new brand is based on a traditional Japanese brand known as taiwa and will be made by a Japanese clothing manufacturer, the country’s biggest private-sector company said.

The Japanese clothing maker said it was planning to release about 1 million pieces of taiwans a year, of which about 800,000 are already sold, and was expected to have 100,000 more products available for overseas customers this year.

Taiwa is a brand name for Japanese woven cloth, and its traditional Japanese owner is a prominent figure in Japanese society and business.

The company said it would offer clothing to a wide range of customers, including luxury brands such as Hermes, Nike and Burberry.

In addition to the taiware, it plans to create clothing that will be suitable for consumers in Japan and abroad, and the new brand will be produced by a clothing manufacturer in the country.

The name of the new clothing brand will not be disclosed.

The government plans to release more details about the brand in the coming months, and in 2019 it aims to release a series of product-focused plans that include the creation of new products and the promotion of local businesses.

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