The world’s clothing manufacturers are guilty of pollution, according to a new study

It is no secret that many of the world’s top clothing manufacturers produce harmful pollutants, but this study published in Nature has found that the pollution from the production of their clothes is so bad that it can affect the health of people around the world.

The study found that most of the top-selling clothing in the world was made with chemicals known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which are known to pollute water, soil, and the atmosphere.PCBs are the same chemicals used to make plastics, vinyl, and other products that people have come to expect to see on our clothes.

In fact, some researchers say that even though most people believe that PCBs are harmless, they can actually cause health problems in those who consume them.”PCBs have been known to accumulate in the bodies of people living in contaminated environments, including the drinking water, soils, and aquatic habitats,” the researchers write.

“The presence of PCBs in drinking water has been documented in more than 90 countries.”

Researchers at the University of Maryland looked at more than 10,000 products produced in the US and Europe.

They found that many products from clothing manufacturers were made with PCBs that were found in concentrations that could harm human health.

“In addition to being a global problem, PCBs have been identified in all countries of the World.

PCBs accumulate in water, in soils, in the oceans, and in the atmosphere, causing serious health problems for people who ingest them,” the report says.

The researchers also found that some of the products made with the highest PCB levels were not manufactured with the required safety standards and that the products with the lowest levels of PCB contamination could be found in many of these products.

“The global demand for clothing products is growing and many of our products contain PCBs.

As consumers become aware of these issues, we can prevent future PCB contamination from harming their health,” Dr. Rishi Srivastava, the study’s lead author, said in a statement.”

Although the effects of PCB pollution on human health are well known, we were surprised to find that the effects were even worse in some countries that have been the most polluted.”

While the US has been at the forefront of making clothing with less harmful PCBs, the US is not alone in using these toxic chemicals to make clothes.

Many other countries use the same toxic chemicals as the US does, which is making a big difference in the pollution of our oceans, soils and atmosphere.

The US Department of Justice is working to stop these toxic chemical-filled products from entering the world, but as we reported last year, a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency found that as many as 90 percent of PCB-containing plastics used in clothing are not required to be lab tested for safety.

According to the Environmental Working Group, the most common types of PCB in clothes in the United States include the PCBs polychloroethylene, hexavalent chromium and polychloropropyl phthalate (PCP).

While the toxic chemicals can cause health issues in some, the levels found in clothing have been shown to be very low.

While it is possible to buy clothes that are made from sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials, the research showed that many garments are being made with products that could have harmful impacts on people.

“Many of the clothes in question are made in countries where people live in polluted environments, where PCBs can accumulate in soil and in water and where the use of PCB is increasing.

The products with these high PCB concentrations in clothing may be especially harmful for the people living there,” the study said.

According the study, the researchers also looked at some of these brands that have the most high PCB levels in their products and found that those brands have many products that have no standards for how high a level of contamination can occur.

While the use and safety of chemicals is important, the issue of PCB consumption is a much bigger concern, especially for those who live in developing countries.

“Pesticides are toxic and can harm people.

However, the health effects from the accumulation of these chemicals in our environment are so much greater than that of the PCB-contaminated products in our clothing,” said Dr. David A. Johnson, a professor at the Center for Food Safety at the Johns Hopkins University.

“We need to change our consumption habits, because PCBs and other toxins are accumulating in the body of the majority of people who live and work in developing regions.”

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