Why the world needs apliq clothing maker

Brixton manufacturing apparel manufacturer aplivq is getting into the world of fashion by launching a new line of clothing and accessories, including a new jacket, in an attempt to create a more globally accepted brand.

ApliiQ, which has offices in Dublin and Manchester, says it is aiming to offer clothing and lifestyle accessories to people from around the world in the coming months.

The company launched its first products in 2015, with a range of new designs that included a black and white jacket, black and grey trousers and black leather boots.

Its range has grown to include more than 70 pieces in the past two years, and the company is planning to open two additional stores in the next 12 months.

“The world needs to know about apliiiq, and we wanted to do our bit to help the world get to know us better,” chief executive Niall O’Malley told The Irish News.

The business was founded by O’Mahony and his son Brian in 2013 and was started with the help of the Irish government.

O’Mahon says that, while he is excited about the brand’s success, it is only now that he has had the opportunity to meet with the company’s first designer.

“It’s a real pleasure to get to see the future of the brand.

It’s just a testament to the talent, drive and vision that they have.”

AplivQ chief executive and chief marketing officer Chris O’Brien said the business is now focused on expanding its range and launching new products.

“We are going to be launching aplibq in the United Kingdom next year, and will be doing some big things there.

It is a fantastic opportunity to show our brand is here, that we are going after a wider audience, and that we have a brand that is recognised and appreciated across the world,” Mr O’Brien said.

He added that the business has already had a “phenomenal” launch in Ireland and will continue to do so.

“This has been a real privilege, it has been the best three months of my life, I have been very proud of it, and it has helped build the brand,” he said.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that it will be launching in Ireland next year and said it will follow up with an expanded UK line.

It added that it is still working on its new US line and plans to launch it in 2017.

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