Cotton cloths have been the most common fabric to be found in tornadoes

RODNEY HAGAN/AFP/Getty ImagesRODNEY S. HAGANS/AFP via Getty ImagesThis file photo taken January 13, 2019, shows a cotton fabric in a window at the St. James Hospital in Houston, Texas.

This file photo shows a person walking past a window on a building that housed the St James Hospital, which is one of the first hospitals in the United States to be equipped with a tornado shelter.

The storm that caused the storm surge and flooded much of the Houston area is expected to produce more rain and hail this weekend as the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey move inland.

(Photo by Rod Higgens/AP) (Rod Higgles/AP: File)This file image taken January 10, 2019 shows a man stands on a pile of rubble in Houston.

The National Weather Service said Saturday that the storm that devastated Houston and parts of the Gulf Coast is expected this weekend to produce less rain and more tornadoes than expected.

(AP: Rod Higgs)This photo taken by Rod Hornig, shows people on a street in Houston on Saturday.

The Houston Police Department tweeted Saturday that at least 19 people were injured after a man crashed his car into a building in downtown Houston, killing at least 11 people.

The death toll is expected for several days as the National Weather Services said that at most 11 people were dead.

(Rod Hornig/AP Photo)This is a developing story.

Check back for updates.

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