How to avoid cloth clips from clogging your ears

The leather clip used in most modern headphones comes with a special adhesive that’s meant to keep them from cloging your ears.

The clip is meant to prevent the sound from being trapped in your ear canal and prevent it from traveling to the inside of your skull, where it can damage your hearing.

But it also helps to seal off your ears and protect them from dust and dirt, since dust and moisture can damage the elastic material that makes up the clamshell, making it less likely to slip off and cause ear infections.

Here are five tips for keeping your clips in tip top shape.


Use a clump of cotton cloth to seal them around your ears 2.

Don’t use your ear plugs or other ear-protecting earplugs in your ears when wearing them, because they may block sound from reaching the inside.


Don,t leave them in your purse or pursecase for too long.

If you leave them outside all day, they may catch on fire.


If possible, avoid wearing clamps or clips that are too wide, too long, or with other metal parts.


Always wash your headphones, even if you think you have a clogged ear.

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