How to save money on your bike apparel purchase

What’s in your shopping cart?

(Photo: Courtesy of Japans Clothing Brands)Buyer beware: Japens Clothing Brands is now offering two free samples of its newest line of apparel for every item you order online.

The deal is valid until Oct. 3, 2018, but you can use this coupon to get $5 off the $40 Japenans Clothing Stores apparel purchase price on all products.

The $5 discount is good for all online orders, including online purchases and apparel sales, including apparel and accessories.

You’ll also get the coupon code to redeem the discount on any online purchase or online apparel sale.

For example, if you order a $40 pair of jeans from Japons Clothing Brands for $40, you’ll get $1 off your purchase.

You can use the code to get a discount on your next pair of pants from Japs Clothing Brands or the entire Japends clothing line, or use the coupon to redeem a $20 off coupon code for $50 off jeans or pants online.

To use the discount code, enter the code in the “Checkout” section of the checkout screen, and click the “Apply” button.

You must select the “Japens” section for this to apply.

You don’t need to enter the coupon when checking out, but Japents has included the code with every order you make online or through

For more on Japson’s clothing brands, visit the company’s site at .

For a complete list of Japs clothing brands and brands they carry, visit their website at www, or call (800) 871-9001.

To get more Japants apparel, visit its website at [email protected]

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