Which clothing companies are Vietnamese clothing manufacturers?

Vietnam-owned clothing manufacturers and suppliers are on the rise in Canada.

But there are many, many more out there.

Here are some of them.

Vietnam’s clothing industry has a long history.

The country is home to some of the world’s largest garment factories and one of the most prestigious textile and apparel exports.

The garment industry is worth $1.3 trillion in total exports.VIP and trade officials say the country’s clothing exports are growing.

They attribute it to a rising standard of living.

“Vietnamese clothing is highly sought after internationally, and this is certainly the case in Canada,” says Richard Fung, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Canadian International Trade, the countrys largest trade agency.

Fung says there’s a lot of demand in Canada for Vietnamese clothing.

He says it’s become the biggest source of exports for the country and Canada has become the second-largest exporter of Vietnamese clothing to the world.

“Canada’s trade deficit with Vietnam is estimated to be $3.8 billion,” he says.

“But it’s a much smaller proportion of the overall trade deficit.”

Fung tells CBC News he’s aware of the increasing demand for Vietnamese apparel in Canada and it’s important to keep up with it.

He says it also helps with the export of jobs and services to Vietnam.

“I think it’s good to be aware of this growth in the apparel industry in Canada.”

Canadian apparel exports grew more than 50 per cent last year.

The exports to Vietnam grew by nearly 40 per cent from 2015 to 2016, according to the Canadian government.

The government says that’s because Vietnam is an important market for Canadian companies and is also a key supplier of garments to the United States and China.

Canada exports more than $100 billion worth of clothing to Vietnam each year.

Fung says the country is a strong partner for Canada in the supply chain of clothing.

“It’s important for us to know that we can rely on them to support our export growth.”

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