How to choose the right clothes for a Muslim’s needs

Clothing companies are now facing backlash for what some Muslims call “fashion hijacking”.

Key points:The Australian Muslim Council has urged the Government to consider banning clothing from certain brandsThe Muslim Council of Ireland said it “would not have the funds” to pay for a banThe Muslim Clothing Association of Ireland has called for a “no-cost” clothing banThe European Council of Muslim Youth has called on countries around the world to ban clothing from Muslim-owned clothing brands.

It comes after the Council of Europe (ECMU) voted on Monday to condemn clothing from “certain Muslim-led brands” including Adidas and H&M.

“Clothing that is produced in an attempt to marginalise Muslims should be banned,” said the ECHR’s Director-General, Richard Goldring.

“The wearing of the hijab is a fundamental part of the Islamic faith, but its production and marketing is deeply offensive to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

The Council of European Islamic Organisations (CEOIO) has called the ban “an insult to the millions of Muslims who live in the European Union”.

“Clothes that are produced in a way that stigmatises Muslims should not be allowed to enter the European market,” CEOIo director-general, Fatma Adnan, said.

“It is not acceptable for an organisation like ours to be used by those who want to exclude Muslim women from the European marketplace.”

The Muslim Association of Australia has also called for an end to “fashion-hijacking”.

“A ban on Muslim clothing and accessories is inhumane and completely inappropriate,” the group said.

“Clothing companies need to be responsible and comply with international guidelines on acceptable dress and grooming.”

All countries need to step up to the plate to ensure that Muslim clothing is not being made in an unacceptable way.”‘

Clothing hijacking’ and other examples of Muslim clothing making the fashion world a laughing stockThe Council’s criticism comes as the Islamic fashion market in Australia is set to grow at a rate of more than 50 per cent this year.”

In the first quarter of this year we have witnessed an increase in demand from the Muslim fashion market, and with it, demand for Muslim-made clothing,” Mr Goldring said.

The ECHR has also condemned clothing that is “produced in a fashion that stigmatizes Muslims”.”

There is no excuse for this kind of clothing to be sold or promoted in our communities,” Mr Adnan said.

According to the Council, Muslim-majority countries have been hit particularly hard by the growth in the Muslim market.”

Muslim-owned garment firms in Australia have been the targets of criticism from both the European and Australian governments over the past two years,” Mr Goldberg said.

In recent years, the ECHOIO has also been vocal about its concerns about “fashion” that promotes “political Islam”.”

Many Muslims are deeply distressed and angry at the growing popularity of the clothing industry, which is often associated with Islamophobia,” it said.

A spokesperson for the Council said the issue was “an urgent matter of national security and human rights”.”

As such, it is incumbent on all countries to take a leading role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Muslims and the communities they belong to,” the spokesperson said.

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