Golf clothing manufacturers say Trump’s travel ban will kill jobs

Golf clothing makers, golf apparel manufacturers, and other apparel manufacturers are all voicing concerns that President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim countries will kill their business.

“This is a real threat to our entire industry,” said Scott Stapleton, president of the American Golf Association.

“The travel ban has the potential to completely wipe out the manufacturing and retailing industry in the United Kingdom.

The travel ban is absolutely the most anti-competitive and anti-industry executive order I have seen in the last three years.”

Trump signed an executive order on March 6 barring immigration from seven countries from entering the U.S. and the issuance of new visas for residents of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The executive order has sparked backlash from many business groups, including the American Petroleum Institute, which has issued a statement that said it would be “disappointed” if Trump’s order is blocked.

Stapleton and other business groups are concerned that Trump’s ban will be too difficult to enforce, leading to more people traveling to the U, and that the order will not only cause an increase in immigration but also cost U.K. taxpayers billions of pounds.

On Tuesday, the president issued a memo to the Department of Homeland Security to clarify that the executive order does not apply to visas issued on a “bilateral basis” with U.N. member states and will not apply in the event of a “temporary” or “preliminary” U.A.E. ban.

“It is a violation of our core values to allow countries that do not respect human rights and basic freedoms to set their own immigration policies,” Trump said in the memo.

Trump also directed DHS to issue a proclamation prohibiting the entry of anyone from Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia, and said he would issue another memorandum directing DHS to prohibit entry to the six countries if they “are not able to verify the bona fides of the individual applying.”

The White House issued a second memo on Tuesday, saying the order would “effectively block entry into the United U.

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