Clothing line manufacturers face more scrutiny from U.S. Department of Commerce

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is expected to release its first report on how well garment factories in developing countries are complying with international standards for the production and marketing of garments.

The report is expected on Thursday and will highlight the impact of the U.K.’s Woolworths (WOOL) and the Gap (GAP) on the health and environmental impacts of the industry, as well as the need for more investment in quality.

The FAO report, due in mid-October, is expected as a response to a series of reports by the U-N Environment Program, which examines the sustainability of garment production and uses a global model to assess and monitor garment production practices around the world.

The first FAO-led report, titled “Fashion is Sustainable,” has been in the works for years, but it is still early in its development.

The group’s executive director, Marcy Kane, said the group has been working closely with the U,S.

and other governments on the report.

The organization has worked closely with government agencies, including the U of A’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

“It’s very exciting to see this first of many reports in our effort to address the impact on global health and the environment of the garment industry,” Kane said.

While the FAO does not have an annual count of garment factories around the globe, the group estimates that in the U., apparel is produced at a rate of roughly 1,500 factories each year.

It also estimated that as of 2015, about 20% of all garment produced in the world is exported, according to the group.

In recent years, U.s. retailers have been under scrutiny for their ties to sweatshop factories in countries like China and India, as they have increased the number of workers employed in their supply chains.

The U, and in particular U.A.F., have been vocal about their efforts to address factory conditions and labor rights issues in the apparel industry.

In addition to the U’s role in the FAOS report, the U and its partners are expected to issue a similar report next year on the global apparel industry, which will examine whether countries like India, China, and Bangladesh are making the most progress toward meeting the global goals of climate change.

The U.M. has been one of the most vocal advocates for international standards and transparency in the global garment industry, and the UO has also been a champion of standards-based manufacturing practices.

The World Trade Organization is currently working on its latest report on the UH and U. A.F.’s textile standards, which include an emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

The United States is also the top buyer of U.W. goods and services in the country, with a $3.5 billion trade surplus, according the UFWA.

While the FAU has long advocated for a more global approach to international standards, the United States’ recent decision to cut its own production and sourcing of UH cloth and UA-made fabrics in favor of U-Wool and Gap apparel has also generated much attention.

According to the FAW, the World Bank has estimated that the UU supply chain accounts for about 10% of the global supply of clothing.

The FAO has estimated the UW supply chain at a total of about 3.2 million factories.

The overall economic impact of U,A.

and U-A.

Fs clothing production in developing nations is expected at about $1.8 trillion annually.

The Fauji Foundation, which is working to ensure the sustainability and health of garment workers worldwide, is also pressing the UWA and FAO to look more closely at the impact that garment manufacturing in developing and developing countries has on the environment.

“We have to keep in mind that the number one concern that we have to face is that it’s a very, very important sector that we rely on, and it’s something that is very, really vital,” said Faujiji Foundation’s director, Nairam Murugesan.

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