How much is the UK getting for its exports?

When it comes to exports, the UK is getting the biggest bang for its buck.

It has earned the title of the world’s biggest exporter of clothing, behind only Japan and the United States.

The data was compiled by the consultancy IHS Markit.

The data includes the cost of goods sold and the amount of profit the company made on each garment it sold.

For example, the cost for a T-shirt made in the UK and exported to the US was £8,300, compared with £3,900 for a Japanese shirt made in China and sold in the US.

The difference in profit for each product was then used to calculate the cost.

The average UK exporter made £13,000 per garment, or nearly 10 times more than the average US exporter.

But what is the actual value of the garments?

The World Bank has published a report on how to measure the value of products.

The report said that the value added by a manufacturer in the value chain from the sale of goods to the final consumer is worth £10.6bn a year.IHS Markits analysis of the World Bank report found that, while the average UK manufacturer is selling garments at a higher cost than its peers in the EU, the value to consumers in the country is less than the value that the manufacturer adds to the value chains of the two countries.

The average UK apparel exporter makes £13m per garment on average, or just over £10,000 a year, according to the report.

IHSMarkit says that the figures were taken from the World Trade Organisation’s Trade in Goods Report, which is released each year.

This year’s report shows that the EU accounted for 57 per cent of all the garments the world exports to the UK, while other trading partners like Japan, Brazil and the US accounted for only 12 per cent.

In addition, IHSMarkits analysis found that the UK exported to other countries an average of £1.4bn in apparel each year between 2012 and 2017.

The UK’s clothing exports are also a major source of revenue for HM Revenue and Customs.

The company reported in February that it had a net profit of £18m for the first nine months of 2017.

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