Why the world needs apliq clothing maker

Brixton manufacturing apparel manufacturer aplivq is getting into the world of fashion by launching a new line of clothing and accessories, including a new jacket, in an attempt to create a more globally accepted brand.ApliiQ, which has offices in Dublin and Manchester, says it is aiming to offer clothing and lifestyle accessories to people from […]

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Why does a triathlon garment manufacturer’s brand look like a pair of shoes?

It’s not just the shoes, either.As soon as the shoes are on, they look just like those of a gym.“It’s just like the shoe, it’s the same colour and the same material, so you can see it’s just a shoe,” said one customer, who asked not to be named.The problem with that approach is that […]

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How to spot the real Brixton factory workers

The real Briety Stockyard is located in East Boston, the heart of the city’s garment industry.Its a factory that’s been a fixture in the fabric industry since 1894 and produces a variety of goods including clothing, home goods and household goods.In 2017, the factory produced nearly 30,000 garments, with more than $10 million in revenue.The […]

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How to find the best cheap clothing for a new job

Clothing companies in London are a dime a dozen these days.And they have been for years.But in the past couple of years, the number of companies in the UK employing people has increased dramatically.That trend started when garment companies like Fits began to rely on online recruiting and the popularity of the new app YC, […]

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