A new, more-detailed look at Hanes clothes

Hanes, the world’s largest clothing retailer, has been testing a new product called “Ladies Clothing” to help women find better-fitting clothing.The brand says it’s the first of its kind to help female customers find clothes that are less restrictive and more comfortable for them.The new line of clothing, which debuted in April, will come in […]

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How to get the most out of your wedding dress

The world’s most expensive wedding dress is out for sale, and it’s going for $1.1 million.The dress, which cost $3.5 million, is from the designer, designer jeans brand, and New York-based boutique fashion house, Brooks Brothers.It was designed by designer and model Anna Wahlberg, who also has worked on couture pieces for Chanel and Chanel-owned […]

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Which Chinese companies are selling you Chinese clothes?

We’ve been asking around for Chinese clothing manufacturers for some time now, and the list has been growing ever since the country’s economic slowdown in the last few years.There are a lot of brands in the country, and they’ve been growing in both size and popularity.The new wave of Chinese clothing brands is mostly aimed […]

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