Why the clothes of the future are so different

Clothes made by Merona clothing, a brand founded by the brothers Miguel and Luis, are made from the finest quality linen cloth, and are available in a range of colors and textures.“It’s about the difference between a fabric that is made from a natural plant and a fabric made from animal,” says Miguel.The fabric is […]

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Japan unveils new clothing manufacturer – The Independent

TAIWAN (Reuters) – Japan’s new clothing and footwear manufacturing giant is unveiling a new brand on Thursday, a sign that the country is seeking to diversify and become more appealing to overseas customers.The new brand is based on a traditional Japanese brand known as taiwa and will be made by a Japanese clothing manufacturer, the […]

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How to Buy Trump’s Clothing Made in Germany

A few days after the president took office, German fashion designer Claudia Hallett released a new line of “Made in America” clothing.She is the first American designer to release clothing in the country.Her clothing line features colorful fabric pieces with the phrase “Made by America” printed on them, and the garments are designed to be […]

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