Cotton cloths have been the most common fabric to be found in tornadoes

RODNEY HAGAN/AFP/Getty ImagesRODNEY S. HAGANS/AFP via Getty ImagesThis file photo taken January 13, 2019, shows a cotton fabric in a window at the St. James Hospital in Houston, Texas.This file photo shows a person walking past a window on a building that housed the St James Hospital, which is one of the first hospitals in […]

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How to make clothes that don’t need washing

It’s a common misconception that washing cloth can only be done with water and soap.While this is true, you can also use any type of detergent you like, as long as it’s water-based and not soap-based.If you’re looking for an alternative to washing cloth, we’ve put together a list of 10 common cloth-based cleaning products.1.Wool […]

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The top 10 apparel companies to watch

The world of clothing is undergoing a transformation as new apparel makers, clothing retailers and clothing brands have emerged in the past five years.Here are the 10 apparel brands to watch.1.J.Crew ClothingCompany founder and CEO, Andrew Jacobs, has long championed the importance of quality, creativity and quality control.He has also been a vocal supporter of […]

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How to find your perfect pair of jeans

The new season of Doctor Who, which opens on Sunday, is about to get a lot more fun.The series is already bringing back some old favourites, like a return to the old BBC One series and a new batch of characters, with new faces including Matt Smith, John Barrowman and Sophie Aldred.But the Doctor has […]

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What we know about the coronavirus outbreak in Egypt

The coronaviruses that have devastated the Middle East and Africa have struck Egypt.In the past week alone, more than 100 people have died in the country.And while the outbreak in the Sinai Peninsula has been under control, fears are growing in the capital, Cairo.The Egyptian Health Ministry says more than half of the people who […]

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The new, new, and more: New clothing brands to try out

The newest generation of kids clothing brands are coming to the fore.From kids clothes to apparel for adults, these brands are making a name for themselves by bringing the old and the new into one space.But the brands they’re working with are more than just new kids’ apparel: They’re bringing the past and the future […]

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