Why do I feel like I need to dress like this?

I’m the daughter of a Bangladeshi immigrant mother and a British-born father.She grew up in the United Kingdom, and when I was growing up, I would dress up in my dad’s clothes and go out with them.And then I would be at school and I would see the girls dressed up in their dad’s clothing.That […]

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How to buy cheap, stylish and stylish clothes online – From $1,000 to $1.5 million

A new study suggests it’s no longer too expensive to buy stylish clothes for under $1 million, but that you should avoid expensive designer clothes as they’re likely to be too hard to find.“The fact that you can buy inexpensive clothing online is not just good for the consumer, it’s good for retailers,” said Robert […]

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Why women’s clothing is so expensive

By Jessica Blau article While the fashion industry has largely focused on men’s apparel, a new survey reveals that women’s apparel is a far more expensive purchase for some companies.According to the National Review’s Jessica Blaue, women’s cloth manufacturers are “in the black” when it comes to the costs of clothing.Blau reports that in the […]

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When will the U.S. adopt a ‘free trade’ policy?

The United States is currently working on a new “free trade” policy that is designed to protect American consumers from being forced to pay extra for products manufactured in other countries.However, many believe the U!S.government’s new policy is a sham.Here’s what you need to know about the ‘free’ trade plan.The policy, which was announced in […]

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